The World Is Your Oyster- Coastal Grandmother Travel Destinations

As the Coastal Grandmother (CG) lifestyle continues to be a hot trend, we wondered, where and how would she would most like to travel!  We're thinking that the CG would most prefer a customized getaway, and so we asked our travel expert, Sheila Gallant-Halloran, owner of Lush Life Travel for some wanderlust destinations...

"The Coastal Grandmother seeks out a special travel experience that speaks to her and that excites all the senses"  states Sheila.  "The CG enjoys exploring a new destination or culture while appreciating a certain level of luxury when she's away from home...remember her mantra is all about healthy living and self care with a relaxed life style".


West Coast Wonders...

"West Coast spots that first come to mind are Vancouver and Malibu.  A CG could rent out a convertible to travel the Pacific Coast Highway in style.  I've got lots of must-see travel photo locations to share!  Imagine palm tree leaves blowing in the soft breeze, serene sunsets and chic deck chair service.  All part of the experience at hotels I've had the pleasure of staying at like the Fairmont Pan Pacific, the Ranch Malibu and the Pelican Hill.

Pelican Hill California - surf sand or a relaxing resort with a picturesque sunset, you decideSheila snapped a perfect coastal grandmother sunset setting at the Pelican Hill in California


I'd also suggest visiting Napa wineries and a panoramic drive down Highway 101 to Big Sur.  Pull over to take in the many dramatic coastlines views and curvy roads.  Any CG golfer should take a swing at a round at iconic Pebble Beach. 

Pop over to Hawaii to see the sunsets at the Ritz Carlton Maui Kapalua, or, focus on self-care on in a big way at the Sensei Lana'i.

 The beauty of travel is to bring family together maybe in Hawaii!The most breathtaking travel destinations are best shared with family and loved ones. Sheila gets to travel with her family and explore the world together. Here they are on the beach in Hawaii.

Here's To Zita

Have you ever heard of the The Fogo Island Inn, in Newfoundland (where I'm from)?  Fogo Island is a small traditional fishing village that's now a must-see destination thanks to a dynamic female entrepreneur named Zita Cobb. The Fogo Island Inn is an architectural and hospitality marvel that ranked in the New York Times "52 Places for a Changed World list.


Fogo Island is a Must See Destination as stated in Travel and Leisure MagazineSheila says the Fogo Island Inn will have you feeling right at home. It's world renowned for it's unique and warm hospitality and rustic landscape.

Thinking Tropical

If a tropical beach setting is more to your liking, Sheila suggests the Palmaia House of AiA in Playa Del Carmen (just the name alone sounds fabulous!), or the Waldorf Astoria in Los Cabos Pedregal.  Get your toes in the sand of some of the world's  best beaches in Anguilla and the Malliouhana.  

Get your culinary vibe on at the Body Holiday in St.Lucia, or go exotic in the Maldives at Joali Being.


A Tropical Destination like Anguilla is filled with sunshine vibes and thirstquenching drinksSheila loves Anguilla, known for some of the best beaches in the world.

When Travel Gives You Lemons

There's nothing like the bright aroma of a bowl of fresh lemons in a Tuscan villa to stimulate the senses. Take a cooking class or two with a local chef, as you sip on limoncello for dolce vita kind of day.  Upon return, you can recreate Cantuccini or Biscotti (twice baked cookies), Ribollita, a heart-warming stew with cannellini beans seasonal vegetables and day old bread, and of course, Bistecca alla Fiorentina from scratch for your guests who are sure to be impressed!


When in Tuscany stop and smell the lemons and take a cooking class

 Under the Tuscan Sun lies lovely architecture, artwork, fashion, epicurean delights and simple pleasures in which to indulge!

Bubbly or Bordeaux a la francaise - It's Not Complicated!

There is a moment of bliss when you bite into a piece of croissant au chocolat made in a Parisian patisserie.  You will close your eyes and savour a decadent pleasure, for a euro or two!  Stay in a small hotel particulier filled with charm like the Saint Germain Esprit or maybe even the Four Seasons Georges V.  Pamper your taste buds with a true day of luxury with a private car and driver to the area of Champagne (less that 2 hours away from Paris)...set the scene with bubbles, camembert et viandes froides on a cashmere picnic blanket, oui oui!!! 


A champagne picnic in France or a River cruise in Santorini and the Greek Isles, both options fit within the Coastal Grandmother style
From Paris to Champagne to Santorini hop on to dreamlike escapes  


If you're more of a red wine aficionado, a river cruise would be a coastal way to travel along the vineyards of Bordeaux.  Then you're just about a pebble's throw away from the seascape blues and and beaches of Santorini, add a few extra days to your vacay to island hop on an ocean cruise through all of Greece. 


Across the world and unforgettable

Sheila in Pelican Island in Australia

 Sheila chose the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable picture, at Lizard Island Australia 

Tahiti is known for it's hospitality and tropical lushness.  How about staying at an overwater bungalow?  It's modelled after a Tahitian fishing hut with a long pontoon that leads you over crystal clear waters that are surrounded by coconut trees and and lagoons. Try an elegantly well-appointed one like the Intercontinental, or an eco-lodge like The Brando

And finally in Australia, you could tick off the ultimate in lux bucket list travel days as you fly over the Great Barrier Reef to your island paradise, and you can walk from your suite at the Lizard Island Resort to enjoy picturesque marine life as you snorkel and relax by the beach. 

The CG Travel Lifestyle

Whether you love grand and lux or eco and budget minded, there are endless travel options to explore, and every day to make special! Where would you most like to travel to? Comment below we'd love to know! 

Thank you to Sheila from Lush Life Travel for this world wind escape!  Get in touch with Sheila for a truly special travel experience at    


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  • Gagnon Catherine

    I’ve just realized I’m a Coastal Grandmother. I’ve been visiting these areas for years. We even lived in Australia for a year and they have plenty of coastline! And now I’ve retired to BC, so I can live my coastal living dream. No wonder I feel so at ease here! By the way, the South of France has some lovely coastal areas, as does the north – Normandy!

  • Liz

    I spent two months this summer touring the UK – the Cotswolds are beautiful; the seaside so relaxing; the cathedrals (from Canterbury to York) breathtaking; the ruins (including Stonehenge & Avebury) mystical; the culture/history so interesting (from Robin Hood to Captain Cook – or is that Hook?); the architecture is stunning; and yes, it has fun pubs and great shopping!! This island has it all!

  • Carrol Ann Lapierre

    Always wanted to visit Newfoundland – now one more reason is The Fogo Island Inn !

  • Bea Lennan

    I would be interested in going to Fogo Island. What time of year would be good? Do you have any escapes planned for there? My sister might also be interested!! Thanks

  • Joan Robson

    If you are planning time in Ottawa, and at Shephards….I am interested.

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