Expert Tips To Keep Your Feet Feeling Fine Between Pedicures

Spring is in the air!  It's time to slide out of your boots and slip into sandals. 
It’s officially the season when our heels and toes will be on show, and so we'll want to make our feet look and feel fab!


The launch of our Fitflop spring/summer collection of sandals has us thinking it's time to put our best feet forward.  Our collection is strong on neutral and sophisticated tan, navy and muted metallics.

We asked a pedi expert, Natalie Esau, owner and founder of locally Ottawa owned spa, The Upkeep Shoppe, for tips on keeping your feet in spring/summer stride. 
"No matter what walk of life you are in, your feet carry you every day of the week!  Out of all our spa services, pedicures are the most popular", states Natalie. 

A Pedi's Rejuvenating Process 

Rejuvenating your feet for the warm weather season starts with a really good pedicure... 
Whether you're DIYing your pedi at home, or treating yourself to a spa version,  the first step is a relaxing foot soak.  The trending version at the spa can include an infusion of green tea, which provides antioxidants with healthy benefits for the skin.  An esthetician will take the time to shape your nails, attend to your cuticles, calluses and nail beds in a professional manner.  "Leave this work to the experts", recommends Natalie.  "Overcutting the nails, or rubbing dry skin that's been hibernating in heavy socks and footwear can do more harm than good."


Trending Toenail Touches

Can you guess what the top timeless toe polish colour is?  Here's a hint, it's strong and eye catching, and will appeal to a Classic, Sexy, or Dramatic Personality... by now, you may have guessed the answer is Red.  (Have You Taken Our Style Personality Quiz - if not, we've provided the link at the bottom of the page to find out more.)
Lacquer colours are on the same wave length as accessories, footwear, handbags and clothing...Sage green, soft purple violet and oceanic blues have the "got to try it" factor.

Fashion and beauty are in style sync…the most trending colours in nail polish are herbal sage and bay leaf tones, violet and lavender hues and oceanic blues.

You'll be happy to hear that many salons are looking to less harmful lacquer formulations.  "We opt for the Three Free Route,  which means free of Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate (DPD), all potent ingredients that we need to be done with", says Natalie. "I've hand selected nail polish lines like China Glaze and Morgan Taylor, that are long lasting with high intensity pigments".

In Between Pedicures  - What To Do At Home

"Hydration is THE first and foremost factor in repairing dry, cracked skin. Keep a rich foot cream on your nightstand, and massage your feet, cuticles and ankles at the end of each day."   Your skin will thank you for the Hydra LOVE!  

Look to creams, cooling gels and scrubs with ingredients from nature’s bounty like eucalyptus, menthol, red wine leaf and horse chestnut to stimulate circulation, or soothe inflammation on your feet and ankles. 


The hotter the weather gets, the cooler we need to be!  A cooling gel with menthol, red vine leaves or horse chestnut "improves circulation, and starts the day off right!  Consistency is key.  Use it right after the shower, or whenever you want to alleviate tired and swelling legs and feet on a hot summer's day." 
An extra must try treat at home is a polishing foot scrub. It's not super abrasive, but promotes circulation and gently sloughs off the outer layer of dry skin.  Follow up with your foot cream.

The Sole of Summer Style 

As beautiful as a sandal can be, it can only as stylish and comfy as the foot we place into it!  Here's to a spring/summer season in perfect style stride!

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We invite you to visit The Upkeep Shoppe in Ottawa. They give a great pedi, and sound "sole" advice!

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