Seasonal Closet Clean Up

We’ve all heard of Spring Cleaning, but at Shepherd’s we think ANY season change is the perfect opportunity to take stock of what is in your closet and do a little freshening up. We want you to open your closet and feel excited and inspired, not overwhelmed and confused.

As the seasons change, and the weather and styles with it, we love to take a deep dive into our wardrobes and really see what we are working with. September is the perfect time to do a closet switchover from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter and give your colder weather wardrobe some attention!

To get started we recommend setting the mood! Put on your favourite music, grab a beverage of your choice, and maybe even light a candle. Create a relaxing environment you want to be in for the next hour or two. This process will take some time, but you don’t have to do it all at once. We’ve broken down the steps for you, and you can decide how many steps you can handle at a time.

We recommend a system of Keep, Sell, Donate and Toss, so come prepared with bins, boxes, or garbage bags to collect the Sell, Donate and Toss items. You can also use these storage containers to store away the warm weather items that you won’t be needing during the colder months. Don’t forget to label them with what is inside to make things easier in the Spring!

Now that you’re ready, let’s do this!


1. Create some space

Go through your wardrobe and do a high-level purge of things that you obviously don’t need in your Fall/Winter closet. These can be things like summer dresses, flipflops and shorts. Anything that still fits you (and is in good condition) can store away for the Fall/Winter season, and anything that no longer fits can be sold or donated. Anything damaged or stained you can toss. 2. Fill the space

Bring out the cold weather items that had previously been stored away. You should now be looking at a very full cold weather wardrobe.


2. See what makes the cut

Start by pulling out things that you haven’t worn, that you no longer like, or that aren’t in style this season. Decide whether to sell, donate or toss them. 


3. Try things on

This is the fun part, but it is also hard work! Work your way through your wardrobe and try everything on. Look in the mirror and ask yourself “does this make me feel my best?” If not, it might be time to sell, donate or toss it.


4. Assess the rest

The items that are left in your wardrobe should be basic, non-trendy pieces that fit you and are in good condition. Pieces that make you feel great and that work together.


5. Hang with intention (a pro tip)

Hang up your items with the hanger facing AWAY from you. Each time you wear something, put it back with the hanger facing toward you. This will make your Spring closet clean up that much easier because you can clearly identify which items you didn’t wear (the hangers will still be in their original position)!


6. Make your seasonal shopping list

Write down the items you sold, donated or tossed which you will need to replace. Not everything will need to be replaced of course, but having a list handy to refer to when you feel the pull of the shopping bug will help to keep you on track with wants vs. needs. Only allow yourself to shop after you’ve gone through the entire Fall closet cleanup process. This way you will have an idea of what you need, and you know what you have in your closet to consider matching up with any seasonal trends items you want to buy.


We would love to know what made the cut for your Fall/Winter wardrobe this year, and what items you will be adding in!


Check out our New Arrivals section and watch our live Style Segments to get an idea of what is trending this season!

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