What colour dog walker sweater should you get??

As you may know, we LOVE the versatile Dog Walker Sweater from Echo Verde. The only problem is that we (specifically Kirsten) can’t decide which of the gorgeous colours to buy!!


It turns out that many of our viewers and customers were struggling with the same dilemma! After careful consideration and much discussion among our team, we have come up with a simple guide to help you find your perfect shade.


There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding which colour to buy:

  • What colour are your eyes?
  • What colour is your hair?
  • What does your current wardrobe look like?
  • What is your style personality?


We took all of these into consideration, and came up with the following guidelines to help you narrow down your choices:


Wheat/Bronze – Calling all redheads! Perfect if you’re looking to add some seasonal flare to your look.

Sage – Pairs so well with denim! Great for blondes, and green-eyed gals.

Almond/Oat/Snowflake – The perfect compliment to a Coastal Grandmother look, and work so well with fair haired and skinned ladies.

Rosey – Great to pair with denim, and greys as well! Looks lovely with darker complexions.

Cranberry – A bold choice for the dramatic style personality, and anyone who is looking to add a shot of colour to a neutral wardrobe. Complements dark hair beautifully. Perfect for holiday dressing!

Denim – Makes blue eyes POP. Pairs beautifully with a grey wardrobe.

Raisin – Perfect for those who like to stick to darker shades and have a lot of black in their wardrobe.

Lavender – A universal colour that works for EVERYONE. Great with grey/white hair.


When it comes down to it, choose whatever colour speaks to you and if that is all of them, then get them all, you deserve it!

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  • Magdah Thompson

    Wonderful service at the store I recommend Nelly
    And the shipping service is great

  • Clare

    What great info and a great idea.

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