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Forever Yours Canada: SKU: 1053896

Love’s Pure Light forever promise:

“As far as the east is from the west oh Canada, this love will have dominion” a hand painted textile of our royal Canadian bride saturated in the colors of promise expressed through the beauty of every provincial flower in her national grown of love. 

 Oh Canada, what a beautiful bride. Refined in purity, saturated in promise: evidently love has been your guide. From east to west our hearts must confess: such a regal bride is to simply abide. Because we are one: the shift of our nation has just begun every obstacle has already been overcome your diversity is beauty, shaping of our nation - victory evidenced in the long run! Loosen up oh Canada and just have some fun! From east to west there is no need to impress, Canada you have the mist show stopping dress.

You have a strong tower: named love and faithfulness let us talk about unique and and lovely provincial flowers. BC Dogwood. Alberta Wild Rose; believe the mountain fresh air can make anything grow. Saskatchewan Red Lily, Manitoba Prairie Crocus. Hey, it is time to focus: overwhelming abundance of our nation has destroyed every nibbling locus! Ontario White Trillium and Quebec Blue Flag Iris; a passionate french heartbeat of Canada, that truly inspires. Prince Edward Island: Pink Lady Slipper, this delicate floral is truly a fashion worshiper. New Brunswick: Purple Violet, Nova Scotia Mayflower: in our unified beauty, this world we will empower! Purple Pitcher Plant Newfoundland and Labrador, puffins and lighthouses of this east coast shore! (go, hike the east coast trail if you are that hardcore!)

Nunavut Purple Saxifrage, Yukon Firewood, in this north? Oh wow look! A pileated woodpecker, yes this is guaranteed! Northwest Territories/Mountain Avens, to see the beauty of woodland caribou your spirit awakens! Canada you are a haven of most eccentric life! You are dynamic, organic, and most of all romantic. Such an honor to call you my own. Canada: I am forever yours. You will always be my home. You carry the wealth of love to nations, borrowing from none and leading to many. A deep healing you bring, to rest in my own nation makes my heart forever sing. Oh! The leaves of our maple tree, have you not heard? For they really can set people free! Canada, as a safe place. You bring peace and rest assured: the heartbeat of you Canada has been birthed with the very best. People come and people go. Hear the love echo across the globe as other nations now grow. People come to “ooh and ah” stare for hours. Such beauty of our waterfall showers. Canada the life you carry is covenant blessing of supernatural power!  I ask you this, are you deeper in love for Canada? Do you now know your every provincial flower?! 

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