Fashion Resolutions - A New Year Brings A New Outlook On Style

For many of us, a new year heralds a new beginning...a fresh start...a clean slate, with a new style mindset!

It's the perfect opportunity to hone in and rethink our personal style goals.  We asked members of our Shepherd's style team and viewers on our last Fashion Friday style segment of 2022 to share how they wish to update their wardrobe for 2023...

Here are a few of the many inspiring ideas we received upon asking, what is your fashion resolution for 2023?

Two Sides Of A Coin

When selecting clothing and accessories, it's most likely the ones that fit our silhouette, and express our personal style that we're most likely to wear again and again.
Whether your style is classic, dramatic, sporty, artsy, sexy or romantic, embracing that look or persona will make you feel like the best version of you. That is the very essence of personal style. 
Do you know what your style personality is?  Take our quiz here 
Fashion Friday viewers quotes of note:
"I want to do away with feeling frumpy" Anna 
"I want to step out of my comfort zone" Catherine
"I can look through a sea of clothing in my closet, some days, creating a look that feels put together doesn't come easily... I want to look timeless, ageless and on trend... the timeless element means that I should go to good quality. That is high on my agenda"  Elaine, Shepherd's Stylist


 Style Personality - Rely and Sharpen YOUR Instincts 

"I want to look more coordinated in 2023.  Keep it simple but with drama. I'm relying on my instincts to determine what feels good and looks good on me"  Primal, Shepherd's Stylist


Keeping On Track Starts With What's On Your Wardrobe Rack! 

The more you have in your wardrobe that you just don't wear, the longer and the more indecisive you become in choosing a winning look to take on your day. For some, more is better...however, if it's not actively being worn...what purpose is it really serving?  Time to declutter and start styling from pieces that you truly rely on.  
Rachelle in Eileen Fisher separates
"I separate my closet by season.  I take the pieces at the back of my seasonal closet and put them at the very front.  If I don't wear them, I give them, in the hopes they will be repurposed and enjoyed!" Rachelle, Shepherd's Stylist 
Rachelle learned a long time ago not to get swept up in trends, or, by what may look good on a friend.  Spending the time to explore what necklines, designs and proportions are best for you, will simplify your quest in putting together a winning look. Learn more about our fundamentals in dressing your Body Shape here.

Whipping Up Recipes To Your Taste

Removing the extras from your closet "adds zen to your life".  Now's it's time to think of creating outfits that you can quickly put together.  Think of a series of looks that become your basic recipes.  Once you've got all your ingredients, you can whip up a look that will satisfy your lifestyle needs.  


Fashion Friday Viewer quotes of note: 

" I will be wearing my scarves to finish my outfits" Teresa 

"I want to learn to work with my proportions" Lisette

"I do not always want to rely on black to look slimmer" Andrea


"Time To Take Stock - there's no time like today!"


Kirsten in Wanted peals and a black and cognac look

 "I'm relentless in cleaning out my closet throughout the year, whenever I try something that's not me, I don't wear it. " Kirsten, Shepherd's Stylist


 Fashion Friday Viewer quotes of note: 

"I will only keep what makes me feel wonderful" Iwanka 

"I want to make sure that every piece is something I'm excited about" Jacki


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  • Anne Meade Faulconer

    Just found your site. WOW. I love your styles. Watching everything I can find. Qa

  • Sharron Regan

    Great store & site
    Need more info on packing ideas for trips

  • Marian Kitteberg

    I have finally lost the weight that I wanted, through healthy eating and exercise, so at age 69, I have more energy and a lot less knee pain. I deserve to look good and am choosing clothes that flatter me and make me feel great. I appreciate the support I get from the models and stylists at Shepherd’s

  • Marie Tocchini

    I agree with all the wonderful ladies!!

  • Claire Duquette

    With all of you I have learned to wear my lovely clothes and strut my stuff and walk with pride and enjoy my style. I live in Windsor Ontario and ladies do not dress up neither do men for that matter.I have been living here for 9yrs I would feel uncomfortable to dress up, but since I have been following Shephard’s Fashion you have helped me to assert myself and be proud of whom I am. Thank you Shephard’s ladies always looking forward for new looks and ideas through your awesome videos.❤️🥂🍾

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