Fashion FUNraisers

Introducing fashion to philanthropy.

Enjoy a private night out with friends, colleagues, or special guests. Our Fashion FUNraisers are the perfect opportunity to blend your love of fashion with your desire to make a difference. Support the charity of your choice and host your very own fundraising event right in our store! This is a great way to network, promote a charity, shop, and raise money all in the same night! You are in charge of ticket sales for the event, providing food and drinks, and the rest is up to us. 

Our FUNraisers are at no cost to you. Just book a date at our Train Yards location and you’ll get the venue, complete with a kitchen facility equipped to handle any caterer or food preparation. For entertainment, we’ll put on a fashion show for your guests!

Best of all, Shepherd’s Fashions will donate 10% of total sales from the event. Now that’s something to strut about!

To discuss your event or to learn more please send us an email at: