Style Personality Descriptions

Time to read about your score! Remember most people have a dominant style personality you can scroll down and find more on your Style Personality. 

Mostly A's = The “Feminine” Style Personality

You exude everything that is Feminine!  From your choice of soft and subtle make-up to your perfectly painted toes and flowing floral frocks here are some facts about the “Feminine” Style Personality.

  • You prefer dresses and skirts to pants.
  • Pastel colours are your colours, white and pink are your favorites.
  • You rarely wear black!
  • You love ruffles and bows.
  • You prefer soft fabrics such as; crepe, chiffon, silk, lace, velvet angora and satin.
  • You love floral patterns; and
  • You like simple jewellery; a string of pearls, a locket and small earrings.

Here’s how the “Feminine” Style Personality shops:

  • You are drawn to store windows and displays;
  • You find it confusing to sift through walls and racks of clothing;
  • You may impulsively buy and item on display only to return it the next day;
  • You may be indecisive when shopping.

Our Advice:

To avoid disappointment search for a Stylist that understands your Style Personality and let them help you find the items that celebrate your Femininity!

Mostly B's = The “Sexy” Style Personality

You love feeling Sexy. You are vivacious and fascinating! You work out to stay in shape. You love to experiment with make-up and hair and you are comfortable in your body and love your look!  Here are some facts about your “Sexy” Style Personality.

  • You prefer body conscious clothing;
  • You love fabrics with stretch; i.e. Jersey, Crepe, Satin
  • When it comes to fit you would rather go down a size then go up;
  • You love vibrant colors, red is a favorite!
  • You wear dramatic floral and prints; and
  • You are all about glitz and glam, sequence and stilettos;

Here’s how the “Sexy” Style Personality shops:

  • You head straight to the SALE rack!
  • You prefer to buy quantity over quality!
  • You love to try on clothes and always come out of the dressing room;
  • You have items in your closet that still have tags on them!


 Our Advice:

To avoid being wooed by a bargain that stays in your closet and is never worn, experiment with trying some better quality pieces that will celebrate your beautiful shape but stand the test of time. Buy the size that fits you now and not the size you used to be or you would like to be.


Mostly C's = The “Sporty” Style Personality

As a Sporty you are natural, active and unassuming. You prefer to push your sleeves up and get to work and your fashion reflects this;

  • Comfort is the most important factor in your clothing choices;
  • You are willing to go up a size rather than feel restricted;
  • You want your clothes to move with you;
  • You prefer cotton, denim and knits;
  • You like plaids, small checks and stripes;
  • You love to iron;
  • You are most comfortable in runners or flats;
  • Finding special occasions wear is a struggle as are wearing high heels.


Here’s how the “Sporty” Style Personality shops:

  • You hate to shop!
  • You tend to buy a new outfit every season;
  • You often shop with a friend when shopping for special occasion wear or dressy items;


Our Advice:

We know you do not like to shop, and hate asking for assistance and that is why you often bring a friend. CAUTION: Your friend may not have the same style personality and may lead you to her style preferences and not yours.

An experienced stylist will understand how you want to dress and can help you find your “sporty” look and comfort zone.  Hint:  Take those socks off when you are trying on evening wear!!!


Mostly D's = The “Classic” Style Personality

As a Classic you prefer to have everything under control in work, home and social life. You are organized, you like to analyze, don’t like to waste time you can be a perfectionist. You look is timeless and polished;

  • You value quality fabrics;
  • You like perfect tailoring;
  • You opt for sleek and defined fit;
  • You don’t get swept up in fashions trends;
  • You prefer solid colors to prints;
  • You like designer labels.

Here’s how the “Classic” Style Personality shops:

  • You are an organized shopper and like to buy the total look;
  • You shop early each season and shop alone;
  • Will peruse Style magazines for Style inspiration;
  • Rarely shops the sale racks;

 Our Advice:

Caution! Do not get into a style rut! As a classic you may hold on to those designer pieces too long! They will make you look dated.  Invest in a closet edit to ensure you classics are up to date.


Mostly E's = The “Artsy” Style Personality


You are not competitive you like to march to the beat of your own drum! You don’t like to hurry and are often late for appointments. You love creating your individual look! Your hair may be blue today and pink tomorrow! You either wear not make up or a lot of make-up.  You most probably work in a creative field!

  • You choose your clothes based on price and uniqueness;
  • You prefer dark colors with strong accent colors;
  • You prefer textured fabrics i.e. burnout velvet and tweed;
  • You like boots and sandals as your footwear choices;
  • You hunt for unique accessories;

Here’s how the “Artsy” Style Personality shops:

  • You are a compulsive shopper, always on the hunt!
  • You pride yourself on your ability to create an outfit on a dime;
  • You love consignment, thrift and vintage shops;


Our Advice:

Be cautious that your looks are not too theatrical or out of place for occasions such as a job interview or social gathering. Find a stylist that can be honest with you and help draw out your Artistic needs with appropriate choices.


Mostly F's = The “Dramatic” Style Personality

Dramatics exude confidence and love to make and entrance. They are always ahead of the trends and dress with style. People love to see what you are going to wear next. 

  • You are a clothes horse;
  • You prefer sleeves and collars up.
  • You enjoy asymmetrical hemlines;
  • You like your color and patterns big and bold;
  • You stick to style that flatter your body shape;
  • Your outfit is often planed around your statement accessories.

Here’s how the “Dramatic” Style Personality shops:

  • You LOVE Fashion and shop all the time;
  • You visit your favorite store every week. You don’t want to miss out!
  • You hunt for unusual accessories and clothing.

Our Advice:

Since you know your style and know your shape, you have many shopping choices. Instagram and Online Shopping give you first dibs on what is new, unique and now! develop a relationship with your stylist to ensure you are informed and don't miss out when new items arrive in store.  Follow artists who create one of a kind statement pieces of jewellery and clothing.