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An original design created by Fran Green, exclusively for Shepherd's Fashions. Her idea behind the name and the use of the silver-plated treble clef, is what not only describes the melodious sounds of music but what is possible in our daily lives.  We are all facing unprecedented challenges these days and for most of us, it feels discordant, out of tune.  However, we all have the power to change that in our own way.  Fran is a firm believer in the power of thoughts.  If you think it, it will be.  Think that your life is in harmony and it will happen.  Wearing this delicate silver-plated chain with the treble clef pendant will remind you. (Copyright FRAN GREEN 2020)

  • Necklace Full Length= 37" - Can be made shorter
  • Pendant Size= 2 1/4" x 3/4"
  • Silver-plated base metals
  • Designed and Made in Canada by Fran Green
  • Sku: 1057292

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