Anne-Marie Chagnon jewelry from her Spring 2021 collection available at Shepherd's Fashions

Anne-Marie Chagnon - Combining Sustainability and Creativity

Anne-Marie Chagnon's Creative Spirit

Canadian jewelry designer Anne-Marie-Chagnon's inspiration is the key to every piece she and her team produce. Anne-Marie started her business in 1995 to help women express their uniqueness through accessories. Every aspect of nature is the starting point of a sensual outline, a passionate colour or a refined texture that she renders on her distinctive designs.  


Lisa in Anne-Marie Chagnon layers - the Rocky bracelet, the Merlin Earrings, Flora Necklace 


Anne-Marie Chagnon's creative process  

Her creation and production takes place in her Montreal studio. Her vision is transformed from drawing, to a sculpted wax model or 3 dimensional printable design.  It's then cast in pewter in her very own art foundry!  Elements of resin, glass, ceramic, wood and leather are all hand-crafted by her team. Her pieces are meant to feel like a form of self-expression for the wearer, with mix and match pieces options that she can alter and tweak from day to day.


Rosa's in the Maya Necklace, Adelina Earrings and Eugene bracelet all from Anne-Marie Chagnon


An International Accessory A-Lister

Countless peers from creative circles recognise the depth of Anne-Marie's artistic approach and high-quality expertise. Le Cirque du Soleil solicited her to create their exclusive branded jewelry for a decade.  She was also awarded the Etoile de Mode at the Bijorhca Paris Trade Show.  In New York, Anne-Marie's pieces were selected by style icon Iris Apfel to be included in the collection of artwork sold at the Peabody Essex Museum. 




Sustainability is an integral part of Anne-Marie Chagnon’s business model. A "Made To Order" production means increased sustainability and all-over quality, as every piece is overseen from start to finish by the creative team. While the process may be a little lengthier, it lessens waste as the team has a closer view of quantities needed and recycles any unused material. 


Anne-Marie Chagnon's Metal Of Choice

Why pewter?  it's malleable (which comes to handy in the designer's one size malleable rings which you can contract or extend from sizes 6 to 9!  Pewter is also nickel and lead free, and can be cleaned easily!  


Sandra's in the Rima Necklace from Anne-Marie Chagnon 


By placing the quest for authenticity at the heart of her work, she has succeeded in creating an internationally renowned signature that is available across five continents.

We're thrilled to have the complete Anne-Marie Chagnon Spring 2021 collection available for you to shop on our website. As pieces are made to order, they will take a few weeks to get to your home. You then have a lifetime to enjoy styling them up and wearing them! 




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