Coastal Grandmothers - A Hot Trend Based In Timeless Style

Coastal Grandmothers - A Novel Idea 

The Coastal Grandmother trend has taken the fashion and design world by storm!  It's a look, an attitude and a lifestyle!  What's perhaps most novel and refreshing about it, is that a younger generation, daughters and grand-daughters, are adopting this style!   

The esthetic is based on Nancy Myers' rom/com movies like Father Of The Bride, The Holiday, It's Complicated and Something's Gotta Give.  The best-selling novelist paints a picture of a refined yet relaxed style embodied by her middle-aged heroines.  


The Coastal Grandmother is a new fashion concept with a refreshing summer vibe

Meryl Streep in It's Complicated - When she’s not by the seaside, you’re most likely to find a Coastal Grandmother in a vegetable or flower garden. 

The phrase "Coastal Grandmother" was recently coined by Lex Nicoleta in a series of Tik Tok videos. Nicoleta invites us to "Gran along" as she describes the Coastal Grandmother's favourite things to do, which include ordering sweet treats from a local french bakery, selecting fresh produce from the Farmer's Market and cooking Ina Garten recipes while sipping a glass of Sancerres. 


Are You A Coastal Grandmother

  • Unmistakable clues that confirm that you or someone you know is a Coastal Grandmother include:
  • a love for fresh blooms, especially hydrangeas,
  • lemons in a bowl for a natural pop of colour
  • designer candles (most probably Dyptique),
  • decor magazines, she loves to keep inspired
  • a soft and cozy throw to relax in

The Coastal style is all about creating an aspirational surroundings, like a chic cocooning look.  Take the time to enjoy and savour her home, as every seashell, ginger jar, photo frame and cushion that set the scene has been thought out and placed just so. 


Diane Keaton's character in Something's Gotta Give is touted as the Coastal Grandmother icon!


What Does A Coastal Grandmother Wear?

Her clothing incorporates comfort in it's use of soft and easy shapes.  It's a "laid back kind of glamour" based in ease and feel good fabrics.

You could picture her strolling down the beach in textures with a lux touch like cashmere, linen, bamboo.  Her hair is softly tousled with the ocean breeze, or kept under a Tilley hat, just like Diane Keaton did in Something's Gotta Give. 

She favours cardigans, turtlenecks, button down shirts, denims or chinos and smart flats.  She'll wear her clothing to fit, if it's meant to be tailored, otherwise, she may choose to wear it slightly oversized.  She'll do a half tuck with a shirt over a full tuck! 

Her style savoir faire is very focused on a colour scheme that tends toward a soft neutral palette. She mixes seaside blues, winter whites, ivory, and cool grays, when getting dressed, decorating her home, her deck or any of her surroundings.  


When actress Ann Hathaway posted this Coastal Grandmother inspired look, it opened up the lifestyle movement to an entire new younger generation of Coastal Chic afficionado

  Actress Anne Hathaway turned on a whole new generation to the Coastal Grandmother trend and lifestyle with this Instagram post.

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  • Linda Hudson

    I really like this look and I watched your presentation. I was wondering what the look is like for winter. Or perhaps I am not getting it – same colour palette for year round?

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