Livie Jewelry designed by Jules Beliavski is born and raised in Toronto. The line is a balance of edgy with a hint of feminine, allowing for an easy transition of your look from day to night. Each piece is complimentary of one another and is a must-have for the bold, daring and stylish woman. The Livie Babe likes to stand out with her layers of jewelry and knows a little choker never hurt anybody.
      At Livie Jewelry, we believe it is our responsibility to produce socially responsible products while giving back to various charitable organizations. We are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing by sourcing the most innovative materials for our products. It is of utmost importance to us that the conditions of our workers are up to par with global safety standards and ethical practices. Our factory is a family-owned business with which we have a strong personal relationship with. We prioritize our partnership with our manufacturers and ensure we are working together every step of the way. (COPYRIGHT LIVIE JEWELRY 2022)