"Artsy" Style Personality

Collection: "Artsy" Style Personality

You are not competitive you like to march to the beat of your own drum! You don’t like to hurry and are often late for appointments. You love creating your individual look! Your hair may be blue today and pink tomorrow! You either wear not make up or a lot of make-up.  You most probably work in a creative field!

  • You choose your clothes based on price and uniqueness;
  • You prefer dark colors with strong accent colors;
  • You prefer textured fabrics i.e. burnout velvet and tweed;
  • You like boots and sandals as your footwear choices;
  • You hunt for unique accessories;

Here’s how the “Artsy” Style Personality shops:

  • You are a compulsive shopper, always on the hunt!
  • You pride yourself on your ability to create an outfit on a dime;
  • You love consignment, thrift and vintage shops;
Our Advice:
Be cautious that your looks are not too theatrical or out of place for occasions such as a job interview or social gathering. Find a stylist that can be honest with you and help draw out your Artistic needs with appropriate choices.