"Feminine" Style Personality


    You exude everything that is Feminine!  From your choice of soft and subtle make-up to your perfectly painted toes and flowing floral frocks here are some facts about the “Feminine” Style Personality.

    • You prefer dresses and skirts to pants.
    • Pastel colours are your colours, white and pink are your favorites.
    • You rarely wear black!
    • You love ruffles and bows.
    • You prefer soft fabrics such as; crepe, chiffon, silk, lace, velvet angora and satin.
    • You love floral patterns; and
    • You like simple jewellery; a string of pearls, a locket and small earrings.

    Here’s how the “Feminine” Style Personality shops:

    • You are drawn to store windows and displays;
    • You find it confusing to sift through walls and racks of clothing;
    • You may impulsively buy and item on display only to return it the next day;
    • You may be indecisive when shopping.
    Our Advice:
    To avoid disappointment search for a Stylist that understands your Style Personality and let them help you find the items that celebrate your Femininity!

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