All About Belts - How Narrow and Medium size belts accent your silhouette

The Versatility of Narrow and Medium-Sized Belts

Belts are more than just functional accessories to keep your pants in place; they add polish to an outfit in a powerful or minimal way. Narrow and medium-sized belts stand out for their versatility. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of narrow and medium-sized belts in your wardrobe.

Define Your Waistline

Narrow and medium-sized belts define your waistline and help create an hourglass shape. They can cinch in dresses, skirts, or even oversized tops. Narrower sizes will accent without taking up valuable real estate between the bust and the waist. Remember to keep both of these areas well defined and spaced out in order to elongate the silhouette!

Colour plays a strategic part to focus on the area you wish to emphasize.  Keep to a belt of the same colour as your skirt or pant for a subtle look that lengthens your leg line.  Conversely, choose a belt in the same colour as your top to accent your top half.  A pop of colour in bright red, pink, blue, green or orange will make your waist take centre stage, and can add interest to a fashionista black outfit! 

A belt adds a trending note of chic elegance to a tshirt and jeans on left.  A slanted belt on a high waisted skirt or pant creates an interesting  focal point on classic workwear.    

The Peek A Boo Effect

If you're fuller around the mid-section without a defined waist, try the peek a boo belt technique.  Do a full or half side tuck with your top, and just let a bit of the belt show.  This will give the illusion of a waist, without showing the full circomference of the belt.  Adding a jacket or cardigan over your base look will also create the same peek a boo belt effect.  Opt for belts with subtle embellishments or metallic finishes to add a hint of glamour to daytime or evening denim without overwhelming your outfit.  You can then accessorize with a strong necklace, big hoops and/or cuff bracelets without looking like you tried too hard.  A narrow or medium width belt's role is to define without taking over. 

Buckle Up - On left, Lise's centre buckle gold accent completes this high voltage colour look from Joseph Ribkoff. Centre, Lori's peak a boo side tuck shows off a muted silver toned belt. Match it to a metallic shoe for a lux loungy look.  Right, Go for gold with a belt that brings together a tonal java blouse and pant.  


In The Loop

Let’s get back to functionality…the beauty of narrow and medium-sized belts is that they fit through most pant belt loops.  As mentioned in our opening paragraph, belts help to keep your pants in place, and help ensure a better fit!  If you're wearing a bottom without loops, you can angle your belt to lengthen the ribcage area, (a great tip for short waisted silhouettes.)

Centre, on petite queen Kathie Donovan, a slanted belt acts adds a touch of modern softness to an architectural and proportioned look from Sympli.  Right, our Alquema Collare coat mixes with NYDJ jeans and a metallic belt.


Seasonal Transitions

As seasons change, so do fashion trends. Narrow and medium-sized belts are great for transitioning your wardrobe between seasons. In the warmer months, pair a colorful narrow belt with light, airy dresses. In cooler weather, opt for medium-sized belts in darker hues to complement your fall and winter attire. They are perfect for layering over sweaters and coats, adding both warmth and style.

From casual, to chic to boho, a medium sized belt works for petites and taller silhouettes.  Left, Sandra in our Parkhurst baseball hat, Eileen Fisher long sleeve tee and Joseph Ribkoff jeans, Centre, Debra in Iquana toned separates from Joseph Ribkoff, and right, our Rapti long ruana. 


Narrow and medium-sized belts are essential accessories that should have a place in every wardrobe. Their ability to define your waist, add elegance, and adapt to various outfits makes them incredibly versatile. 


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  • Verna Rafuse Forbes

    I love the Landes Navy and Landes black with gold tone buckle that I recently purchased. I would also like to see a dark green (not suede) leather belt added to your inventory. Thanks.

  • Susan Harms

    I keep asking….no response. I would LOVE to buy the belt Kathy Donovan is wearing. You’ve been out for ever. Are you going to have them for fall?

  • Cheryl Dextras

    You have convinced me to try using a belt especially now that Shepherd’s carries larger sizes . Awaiting the belt I recently ordered … results to follow! Thanks

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