Parkhurst is a third-generation family business, based in Toronto, Canada. Parkhurst has always been Made in Canada. Our factory is located right in Toronto, as it has been for over 95 years. The Parkhurst family is a perfect Canadian mosaic. Over the years we are proud to have employed many new Canadians, who share the passion for knitting high quality sweaters. Our team is proudly Canadian and we love what we create.

    Long before sustainability was a buzzword, Parkhurst was committed to the environment. We use Eco Cotton Regenerated yarns that save 8 water bottles per sweater and 1,000’s of lbs of cotton from going to landfills. High quality dye stuff to minimize water usage and we ensure any water that flows out of manufacturing, is as clean as what arrives. Most importantly, we make sweaters that are built to last. We want these to be cherished and passed down through the generations, just as the company itself has been. (COPYRIGHT PARKHURST 2022)


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