Classic with a Twist

Do you identify with the Classic Style Personality? The majority of Shepherd’s customers do, at least in part, and perhaps you can relate too.

If you're not sure what your style personality is, why not take our fun and insightful quiz to find out?

Three ways to describe Classics are Polished, Put Together, and Organized. Classics have a penchant for sleek and defined fits, they don't easily get swept up in fleeting fashion trends, and they generally prefer solid colors to prints. The chaos of sale racks? Not their cup of tea.

Here at Shepherd’s, we have a special affection for the Classics. We love bringing you the styles that you feel comfortable in and naturally gravitate towards. We also love showing you how to occasionally step outside your comfort zone. After all, a little adventure in fashion never hurt anyone!

Adding a Twist to Your Classic Style

Are you ready to tweak your classic style a bit? Perhaps you're looking to add a new piece to your wardrobe to participate in the season’s trends? Here are some tips you can use to subtly transform your classic look without losing your core style personality.

Switch It Up

Instead of always opting for solid colors, why not choose a blouse that features a subtle pattern or texture? It could be a soft floral print or a gentle polka dot pattern, or even a fabric with a rich texture. Whatever feels good to you and makes you feel great wearing it!

Add a Pop of Colour

You don't have to overhaul your entire wardrobe to keep up with the latest trends. Sometimes, all it takes is a pop of colour. This could be a vibrant pair of shoes, a handbag in a bold hue, or even a statement accessory like a Zsiska necklace. This pop of colour can instantly elevate your outfit and make it look more current.

Dress Down in Style

Pearls are the epitome of classic elegance and shouldn’t be left out just because you’re going casual. Next time you dress down in jeans and a t-shirt, add a string of pearls. This will give your casual outfit a sophisticated twist, proving that you can be a Classic and still play with fashion.


Remember, fashion is about expressing yourself authentically and feeling good in what you wear. So, as a Classic, don't be afraid to experiment a little. 


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  • Nancy Kaczmarz

    Glad to be back after my extended vacation. I’m catching up on my missed shows and fabulous fashions!🥰🥰🥰

  • LouLou

    Thank you Shepherds, I watch your segments religiously, I know shop in my own closet and copy your styles, and for that I am truly grateful, I now respect my own body and dress accordingly to my shape and I feel as though I do not need to follow fashion or trends , I go according to my own style ! The store gives exceptional customer service and anytime I walk into the shop, I am greeted as though I belong ! The ladies are exceptional, I always like to talk to Nelly and Linda ! Because the ladies in the fashion shows are different sizes, I can relate, I always verify the sizes that ladies wear, i can therefore relate to myself,,, besides you are all tremendously funny especially Dear Elaine ! Thank you
    Shepherds !

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