Body Shape Series: The Inverted Triangle

Fashion changes, but dressing for your body shape is always in style. And in this era of body positivity, who cares if you’re a pear or an apple? Love the shape you’re in – the curves that come with it! 

Every time you step out, your body shape is all about balance – and who doesn’t love a balanced life?

The Inverted Triangle - Defined

The inverted triangle shape says what it is. These figures have:

Shoulders as the widest part of the body 
A bigger bust
Narrow hips and waist 
Slim legs 

In fact, many inverted triangle figures fit a larger size top and smaller sized bottom. 

Style Tips

Start at the Top: Look to open neckline when possible. This will balance out the shoulder line. For added depth, pop your collar and undo the first few buttons on a dress shirt to expose some neck.

Tricky Tops: When shopping for the right tanks and t-shirts, look for a longer style, strong vertical lines and hourglass silhouettes. Adding length with longer tunic styles will visually minimize a broad shoulder.

Finding the Perfect Dress: Look for an A-line or Empire waist style dress that falls at the knee or below. Vertical lines and features help elongate the silhouette and draw attention away from the shoulder line.

Perfect the Pant: This is the area to add some sizzle to your style! For an inverted triangle shape, your legs are the slimmest part of the body, so feel free to add prints or a pop of colour to make your pant stand out. Ankle length straight cuts, or wider crop can help balance out the silhouette, depending on your overall look's colour palette and proportions. 

The Sweet Spot

Inverted triangles can get away with dramatic wide-leg pants and boyfriend jeans that create an X-shape, their very own version of the hourglass 
Be ready to swoon in delight when the inverted triangle creates balance with an A-line dress or skirt 


How to make the most of this shape: 

It’s all about finding balance in fashion (and life!) Their wider shoulders and narrow hips mean they can (and should) wear dresses and skirts with a little extra flair at the bottom hem that flare. They can happily wear an A-line or empire waist, and frocks that have vertical features like full-length zippers. 


The implied hourglass figure – the X-shape – can also be created with wide-legged pants or flares paired with a neatly tailored top, which balances the wider shoulders and flowing pants to create the perfect dramatic moment. Fuller leg lines and boyfriend jeans are absolutely go-to choices for this shape. Microprints and colourful, bold prints add interest and volume, too. 


Tops that have a built-in waist (think something with a peplum that flares over the hips), a v-neck that creates a long neckline to draw the eye down and a crew neck are all great options. Remember, it’s all about creating long vertical lines for the eye to follow.


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