Shepherd’s Fashion Friday – Body Shape Series: The Column and the Rectangle

Two Similar, yet Distinct shapes –

We opted to present both the Column and Rectangle shapes in one same segment as their basic structure is defined by a straight silhouette.  Their shoulder and hip are in line with each other. Both shapes are often without much curve at the waist and the hip.

The Column

The Column is straight and slender. She’s been “blessed” with a runway model figure, as her slender limbs allows her to wear layer upon layer.  With a slight waist and longer legs, this boyish figure will sometimes decry the absence of a bust, tummy or bottom. Quite often the objective for the Column is to create a little bit of curve.  This shape can well afford extra details over the bust such as full cowl necklines, big dramatic statement necklaces, neck scarves, multi layered opera pearls etc... Dramatic, exaggerated and heavier textured fabrics are custom made for the column. This shape is the definition of the more is better philosophy when it comes to draping and layering.  The Column is the the one shape who looks absolutely great in the "Boyfriend look". Angular shapes and rounded cuts are good for giving the Column figure the little extra shape to avoid looking too straight up and down.


The Rectangle

The rectangle is a fuller version of the column. She may or may not be endowed with a fuller bust, tummy and behind. While keeping to a proportioned and balanced silhouette, this shape often has the luxury of choosing to wear straight cut garments and “surrender” the waist line altogether, or, create curves.   When selecting the later, accentuating a waist, should be approached with subtle hand. A wide belt might simply visually reinforce the absence of a defined waist, whereas a softly shaped garment in a drapy fabric would usually prove to be a better alternative. When wearing a straight lined garment, adding a bit of softness to the silhouette can be achieved with the help of strategic accessories. A colourful scarf, long necklace, or legging can help to add fluidity to a boxy or shapeless look.

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