Shepherd's Fashion Friday Body Shape Series: The Hourglass

Fashion changes but dressing your body shape is always in style.  positivity, who cares if you’re a pear or an apple? Love the shape you’re in – the curves that come with it!  

Petite or Tall, The Hourglass has it all...

The hourglass shape is curvy and voluptuous. These figures have:

- Hips and shoulders of equal width and in proportion to each other
- A defined, nipped-in waist (about 8 to 10 inches smaller than her bustline)
- Larger bust and bottom
If she puts on a pound or two, it goes right to her tummy -  located right below her waist. Every part of our hourglass is rounded, from her shoulder caps to her calves. While every hourglass’s proportions vary, each must work with her curves to even out proportions through proper styling.


Here are some tips on how to do it:

Start at the top and open the neckline - doing so minimizes a full bustline.

When choosing tops or dresses, seek out cuts that softly hug your curve line and flow away from the tummy area. We always love a cap sleeve over a t-shirt sleeve, as its diagonal cut upwards on the arm gently brings the eye up and away from the bustline.

Vertical details - like buttons, striking zippers or any dominant lines - bring the eye up and down, helping to shape or enhance the shape of the hourglass. Find tops and dresses that incorporate these in the design.

To elongate the torso, slant your belt from the waist downwards. This helps stretch out your mid section while still hugging the body at its smallest point.

Find pants that has little to no bulk around the tummy area to keep . Collections from Up! And Lisette L. do the trick, as they fall flat on the tummy.

At the end of the day, we hope you like to celebrate your curves! That means dressing them just the way you like them.

positivity, who cares if you’re a pear or an apple? Love the shape you’re in – the curves that come with it!




The Sweet Spot

- Curvy hourglass types can choose what to focus on: their bust, their waist or their legs.
- This body type can wear belts to showcase their bust-to-waist ratio.
- Looking for structure? The hourglass does very well in fitted, structured tops and jackets



From early clay sacred feminine figurines to Old Hollywood, the hourglass shape has been held up as the ideal female figure. To make the most of this, choose wraparound tops or those with peplums, even a tailored shirt with a nipped in waist. The same goes for dresses: wrap or cross over dresses with a deep V-neck and swingy skirt is both sexy and feminine. A fitted bodice and flared or A-line skirt also defines the waist.


A well-chosen jacket adds immeasurably to the hourglass figure’s wardrobe, especially a cropped piece that lands just at the waist. Soft, belted jackets are another good option, together with a moto jacket, in fabric or leather.


Stepping into pants means accentuating the hourglass’ natural assets High-waisted jeans or trousers define the waist while flared or wide-legged options create proportion top to bottom. If sex appeal is on the table, choose a fitted jean with a bit of give.


The hourglass’ choice of accessories should start from the ground up! Pointed shoes in neutral tones length the leg, whether they’re flats or heels. Belts are another must that hugs the waist and creates proportions. And jewelry? Choose pieces that create a vertical line without adding bulk.


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  • Marina

    I just love how you are spot on with your advice, it’s as if you are standing right next to me. I love watching all your fb, utube and emails, I love your clothes and I just love all your friendly, happy shows, what an amazing team you are and I wish you were in England so I could come to your shop to see your beautiful clothes and get your expert advice instead of my own frumpy outfits. So love listening to you all and your happy banter. ❤️

  • Peggy tucker

    This is my shape! Great suggestions! Thank you so much!

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