Shepherd's Fashion Friday Body Shape Series - The Pear

Fashion changes, but dressing for your body shape is always in style. And in this era of bodypositivity, who cares if you’re a pear or an apple? Love the shape you’re in...and  the curves thatcome with it!

Call it Pear-shape, call it a Triangle: Whatever you use to describe this lushly curvaceous figure,
doesn’t matter nearly as much as bringing out its best attributes!

Pear-shaped or triangle generally figures are defined by:

- Hips that are wider than their shoulder line
- a Flat tummy
- Narrow shoulders
- A petite bosom
- A fuller booty
- A long torso

The Sweet Spot:

- Pear shapes look great in tailored-fitting jeans
- They bring a whole new level of feminine to dainty tops with their trim bosom and sleek
- They breathe life into bold colours and wild patterned tops like no other shape
- Dresses with dropped necklines, dramatic sleeves and belted styles play up all the
  positives in this figure type – even maxi styles lengthen and elongate in all the right ways


How to make the most of your shape:

The name of the game is to balance and elongate. Boost the impact with tops that can be gorgeously patterned and coloured to draw the eye upward. Plunging v-necks, cowl
necks and bell-sleeves in more structured or fitted tops add great definition.

Pear shaped women tend to have little waists (the
envy of their sisters), so choose wide belts, A-line shapes and jersey fabrics to hug in all the right
And the bottom? Although this shape may need an alteration or two when it comes to bringing in
waist bands, the result is a wonderfully curvy and feminine silhouette. To create balance with
those big, bold coloured tops and sweaters, choose boot cuts and flares in darker colours, piped
pants and vertical details and flat pockets to create the illusion of length.

Jewelry? Yes, yes, YES! Go wild with long jewelry and accessories that add a vertical line to the body. These will help elongate the body and bring the eye up and down.