Shepherd's Fashion Friday Body Shape Series - The Pear

Shepherd's Fashion Friday Body Shape Series - The Pear


Our Pear is the third of six body shapes in Shepherd's Fashion Friday series, and a shape that has distinct features that differ from shoulder to toes. 

Meet Our Pear:

She has a small, narrow shoulder line and petite bustline, making it easier to play with elegant details up top.

She nips in at the waist, has a flat tummy and long torso.

She has a fuller hip (7 inches below her waist) which can make pant shopping a challenge. It is very normal for a pear to seek out alterations to get her pants fitting both her wider hip and small waist.

Her shape can vary in its degree of curvature, much like the hourglass.

If she was to put on weight, extra pounds tend to land across her hip area and tummy - giving her what our stylist Donna likes to call a "Menopot" ! 

Dressing our Pear - like all body shapes - has its perks and challenges. Here we will share some of key tips to helping all you pear shaped women out there find the right cuts and dressing for your body shape! 

 Play up your tops! Go bright, add gems, pockets and blousy fabrics.  

For your bottoms, opt for darker colours and prints to minimize size variations across the body line. Pipelines and vertical details help elongate the leg line and minimize a fully bottom. 

Accentuate the small waist using wide belts, A-line cuts and jersey fabrics to hug and skim over all the right areas. 

When adjusting your sleeve length, let it fall below your waist to help accentuate its narrow size. 

Go wild with long jewelry and accessories that add a vertical line to the body. These will help elongate the body and bring the eye up and down. 

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