What's Your Style Personality - An Introduction

Ever wonder why you're drawn to certain styles, colours, accessories...it all has to do with your Style Personality! It's the key to why and how you express yourself with clothing and accessories.

Here's a glimpse into our 6 Style Personalities...many of us can be a mix of two or more styles.

The Feminine

It's all about the wonder and power of feminine charm.  From your first pink sweater to the subtlety of your light touch with makeup, you understand the allure of self-care.

  • You often ask ‘does that come in a pastel?’
  • Black is for shoes, not an entire outfit when it comes to dressing.
  • The softer and more luxurious the fabrics – think chiffon, silk, lace, velvet, angora and satin, the more in love you are
  • You are drawn to store windows and displays

The Sporty 

“Comfort and simplicity are two keys that I follow when it comes to fashion.” – Fawad Khan

There's a natural air about you that whispers rather than shouts your style. If anyone is looking for you, you’ll be in the athleisure wear department, comparing the relative merits of yoga pants and cute matching jackets.

  • Comfort is the most important factor in your clothing choices;
  • You would rather go up a size rather than feel restricted
  • You are most comfortable in runners or flats

The Dramatic 

Confidence...you have it all going for you in every outfit you put together…because there’s always an entrance to be made, a first impression to nail. 

  • You can pull off dramatic looks that other shy away from;
  • You enjoy asymmetrical hemlines;
  • You like your color and patterns big and bold;
  • Your outfit is often planed around your statement accessories.
  • You visit your favorite store every week. You don’t want to miss out!

The Classic

“Elegance is not about standing out, but being remembered.” – Giorgio Armani

Three words that describe you are polished and put together and organized, you like to analyze, and you don’t like to waste time. 

  • You opt for sleek and defined fit;
  • You don’t get swept up in fashions trends;
  • You prefer solid colors to prints;
  • Sale racks are too chaotic and you rarely shop them


The Sexy

 You are keen on experimenting with new fads and trends, and are always looking for the most fun looks for less. 

  • You prefer body conscious clothing;
  • You love fabrics with stretch and move with you, like jersey and fine knits
  • When it comes to fit you would rather go down a size than go up;
  • You head right for the sales rack, and love the feeling of finding a "bargain"

    The Artsy

     The greatest gift you have is your strong sense of self: you are a unique individual and know how to express it in everything you wear.

    • You prefer dark colors with strong accent colors;
    • You prefer textured fabrics i.e. burnout velvet and tweed;
    • You like boots and sandals;
    • You live for unique accessories sourced on your world travels.
    • You love consignment, thrift and vintage shops because they are filled with unique pieces and endless possibility         

    So there you have it...a few key points on each personality. Want to know what yours is?  Take our Quiz here


    • Lynnette Coates

      I did your fashion style test, came back as dramatic which at times I am. I think I am a combination of classic, dramatic with a touch of Romantic. It really changes with my mood. Find your videos very information, love all the ladies in them, my new friends. Thank you!

    • Lorraine

      I live in South Africa but most of what I wear is Simply. My daughter lives in Toronto brings me a couple of outfits every year when she visits. I love Black but have your dramatic jackets. I also like plain bold colors. I Watch your videos daily. You are an amazing team

    • Cheryl Dextras

      Just want to say that this series of videos is excellent. I have been following you lovely Shepherd’s ladies for over 2 years. Each series you do is fresh, imaginative and very informative. Your passion for fashion (pun intended Ha Ha ) and your desire to assist your clients in looking their best is expressed in your productions. The fun that you ladies have during the shows makes it close and personal. Thank you so much. Keep up your tremendous work!

    • Barb

      Took the style quiz , found it to be very informative . Im a sporty , artsy and classic mix .

    • Nora Sweeney

      Love your videos etc.

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