"Sexy" Style Personality


    You love feeling Sexy. You are vivacious and fascinating! You work out to stay in shape. You love to experiment with make-up and hair and you are comfortable in your body and love your look!  Here are some facts about your “Sexy” Style Personality.

    • You prefer body conscious clothing;
    • You love fabrics with stretch; i.e. Jersey, Crepe, Satin
    • When it comes to fit you would rather go down a size then go up;
    • You love vibrant colors, red is a favorite!
    • You wear dramatic floral and prints; and
    • You are all about glitz and glam, sequence and stilettos;

    Here’s how the “Sexy” Style Personality shops:

    • You head straight to the SALE rack!
    • You prefer to buy quantity over quality!
    • You love to try on clothes and always come out of the dressing room;
    • You have items in your closet that still have tags on them!


    Our Advice:
    To avoid being wooed by a bargain that stays in your closet and is never worn, experiment with trying some better quality pieces that will celebrate your beautiful shape but stand the test of time. Buy the size that fits you now and not the size you used to be or you would like to be.

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