Creating the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

The Concept of a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is an innovative and minimalistic approach to fashion, designed to simplify your clothing choices while still offering a wide range of outfit possibilities. The idea is to select a small number of versatile pieces that you can mix and match to create a variety of looks. This makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze and ensures you always look put together.

4 Core

The first step in creating a capsule wardrobe is to choose 4 core items, all in the same colour. This could be any colour you love and feel good in, but it's often a good idea to choose a colour that you already have a lot of in your wardrobe (like black or white). These 4 pieces (2 tops, 2 bottoms) should be versatile and functional, such as a pair of straight leg pants, a wide leg pant, a shirt, and a tee. When all in the same colour, they form the base of your capsule wardrobe and can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces.

4 More Core

The next step is to choose another 4 core items, again, 2 tops and 2 bottoms. This time all in a neutral colour that can be mixed in with your first set of core items (think grey, navy, cream or brown). Neutrals are great because they go with just about anything, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Consider items like a turtleneck and white button down, a pair of jeans and a jogger. These neutral pieces will complement your coloured core items and can be used to create a multitude of outfits.

4 Mileage Pieces

Now that you have your core items, it's time to add some variety with 4 coordinating tops to get some extra mileage out of your capsule wardrobe. These tops should coordinate with both your coloured and neutral core items, creating even more outfit possibilities. This could include a white shirt, a cardigan, sweaters, or tanks, depending on your personal style and the season. The key here is to choose tops that you love and that can be worn in multiple ways.

4 Wild Cards: Anything Goes!

Finally, you'll expand your capsule wardrobe with 4 wild card items. This is where you can really let your personal style shine. These pieces can be anything you want - a bold patterned skirt, a dress, a denim jacket, or even a bright blazer. They're meant to add a bit of fun and personality to your wardrobe and can be mixed and matched with your core items and tops to create unique and stylish outfits.

Don’t forget the accessories!!

You’ll also want a pair of ballet flats, sneakers, a boot or bootie and a loafer to round out your capsule wardrobe. Accessories, jewelry and purses are free so choose as many as you desire!


The capsule wardrobe is a simple but effective way to streamline your closet and make getting dressed in the morning a joy, not a chore. By selecting a small number of versatile and coordinating pieces, you can create a multitude of outfits without needing a huge wardrobe. So why not give it a try? You might just find it's the fashion solution you've been looking for.


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  • Laura

    Thank you I always appreciate your suggestions and your blogs and in your videos. I thought the capsule wardrobe was particularly helpful, but I was wondering if it would be possible to show an example of these 16 pieces and how they could be coordinated into various mix and matches to come up with many more outfits. Not necessarily on models, but perhaps just on hangers or lying flat. Thanks so much.

  • Bev

    Love your videos your hard work is much appreciated. The video on capsule wardrobe was fantastic. Thank you.

  • Mary T Nolan

    Thank you so much for such inspiring sessions. You have changed my approach to clothing and putting together an effective wardrobe. Since I retired, I do find it a challenge, as in my professional life, I knew exactly what was needed daily but struggled with smart casual once I retired. You are all an inspiration and give such practical answers to my questions.

  • Melissa Larsen

    Great Monday workshop. I love Mondays.
    Keep up the great work, Shepherds.

    I so enjoy watching daily and especially Mondays. Very pertinent info given.

    TY so much!
    Warmly, Melissa

  • Jean Casselman

    Creating a capsule wardrobe is made so much easier with the help of your directives!!

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