Denim For Days: A Comprehensive Guide to Jeans

Here at Shepherd’s Fashions we love a good pair of jeans! But we know that not everyone feels the same - whether it be because you feel too casual when you wear them (talking to you, Classics!), or because you can never find your size. We’re here to help de-mystify our love affair with denim so that you too can enjoy denim for days!

Everyone has a unique relationship with their jeans. Some are instantly smitten, while others need a little nudge. Let's unravel the mystery together, shall we?

The Versatility of Denim

One of the reasons we adore jeans is their versatility. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. If you're worried about jeans feeling too casual, dark denim can be your savior. Dark denim can be dressy and a great alternative to a black trouser. Plus, the darker the denim, the taller and slimmer it makes you look. So, if you're heading to an event but want to keep things comfortable, don't shy away from your jeans.

Finding the Right Fit

Another common concern about jeans is finding the right fit. If you've always struggled with this, we’ve got you covered. First off, remember to see if there's stretch when trying on jeans. If so, buy them snug because they will - you guessed it - stretch a bit as you wear them. This little nugget of wisdom can be a game-changer when it comes to finding jeans that fit like a glove.

You also need to consider your body shape. Let's delve into the various styles of jeans and which ones might suit you best.

Skinny, Flared, Boyfriend, or Straight Leg?

The best style for you depends on your body shape and personal preferences. If you're a pear, or apple shape, a bootcut could be ideal. The subtle flare at the bottom can balance out your hips and create a flattering silhouette.   

If you're petite, skinny jeans might be a great choice for you. They can elongate your legs and give you a taller appearance.

If you're tall, you're in luck. Most styles work well on taller frames, but flared jeans can be especially flattering, adding a bit of drama to your look.

If you have a thin frame, or a rectangle or column body shape, boyfriend jeans could be your best friend. They can add a bit of volume and create a stylish, relaxed look.

If you're full figured, straight leg jeans might be a perfect fit. They can provide a balanced look and accentuate your curves in all the right places.

What's the Best Length for Me?

The best length for your jeans depends on your height, the style of shoes you plan to wear with them, and the style of jeans themselves. Generally, your jeans should hit just above your shoes without bunching up. However, cropped or ankle length jeans can also be a stylish option, especially when worn with heels or ankle boots. A great option is finding a straight leg jean that you can cuff, adding versatility.

Embrace the Diversity

Jeans don't have to be boring. If you have a Dramatic style personality, try jeans in bright colours, or bedazzled options. There's a world of denim out there waiting to make your wardrobe more exciting, so don't limit yourself to the conventional.

If you are more of an Artsy style personality, try frequenting your local thrift or consignment store to find the perfect vintage vibe for you.

As mentioned above, Classics tend to prefer a darker wash of denim, and of course if you are a Sexy style personality you are likely to be attracted to a form fitting skinny jean.

Feminine personalities tend to like a lighter denim, a white or light pink that isn’t too tight, allowing a bit of flow and movement. And of course, our Sporty girls are the most comfortable in denim, we bet your closet is already full of it!



Remember, the ultimate goal is to feel comfortable and confident in your jeans. So, take the time to try different styles and sizes until you find your perfect pair. We’re always here to help!


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  • Nancy Fitzgerald

    Thank you for the wonderful blog. I am still unsure about what style is best for me since I am 4’11” and I believe apple shape because my measurements are very close in number… 43”, 42”, and 44”. I’m thinking maybe boot cut but not sure if straight is better. I prefer flat or very low heel due to bad back and knees. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! I love watching your videos and would love to see another model 5’ and apple shape so I can visualize the clothing on. Thank you so much!❤️

  • Bev

    Good morning. This is a great blog, but I still am unsure. I am petite, 5’ but more of a small pear shape with heavier thighs.
    My Girlfriend NYDJ jeans fit well & I find them very comfortable, while Sheri slim I find snug. I don’t feel they are very flattering.
    I am ready to buy another darker pair, would you recommend bootcut or straight cut?

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