New Season, New Suiting

There's a fresh breath in the fashion world, and it's transforming the way we perceive suiting. Gone are the days where suits were a strict, traditional attire meant for high-profile corporate meetings. Welcome to the era of 'New Suiting' - a trend that's redefining the rules and taking corporate casual to a whole new level.

What is New Suiting?

New Suiting is all about breaking the norms and embracing your unique style. It's a blend of bold colours, sleek cuts, and less fuss. This trend is not about adhering to the standard suit and tie culture, but about creating your own unique style. What makes this trend even more interesting is that nothing is off limits. Textures, patterns, and colours all play a big role in the new suiting trend, allowing you to express your individuality and creativity.

The New Corporate Gear

If you're picturing the traditional corporate gear, think again. Imagine its young, hip cousin who won’t be bound by corporate standards. Skirts, jackets, and trousers are making a comeback, but with a modern twist. Pair sneakers with a trouser, sneak a cotton tee under your blazer, or style your outfit with cropped blouses and patterned pants. The new suiting trend is about mixing and matching and creating a look that is both stylish and comfortable.

Suits for Everyone

The new suiting trend has democratized the suit. It's not just for CEOs anymore - they’ve been brought into the 21st century, and they're for everyone who wants to make a style statement. As SSENSE, a multi-brand retailer based in Montreal, rightly said, “Today’s CEO is dripped in athleisure, not a bespoke three-piece suit.”

Fast Company, an American business and innovation magazine and website headquartered in New York City, also emphasizes this shift in trend, stating that in 2024 “office wear is polished, not formal.”

Embrace the Change

The 'New Suiting' trend is about embracing the change and making a bold statement. So, let's welcome this new season with a fresh perspective on corporate dressing, and celebrate our individuality with style.

Be sure to watch our Style Workshop where Kirsten shows us how to style up this new trend:

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