Shepherd's Dress Your Body Shape -  The Apple

Shepherd's Dress Your Body Shape - The Apple

Fashion changes, but dressing for your body shape is always in style. And in this era of body positivity, who cares if you’re a pear or an apple? Love the shape you’re in – the curves that come with it!


The Apple is the single shape that one is not born with, but rather is the shape some morph into post-menopause and with hormones. 


The Apple silhouette is defined by:

  • A slanted shoulder line and a fullness at the back of the neck - termed as the Dowager's hump 
  • A rounded tummy which starts right below the bust and rounds out right above the hip
  • A large bust - generally speaking
  • A defined leg line 

The Recipe for Balance - Dressing the Apple

The Sweet Spot

  • This shape does very well with tops that accentuate shoulders, the neckline and bust.
  • Looking for the apple of your eye? Longer jackets or jackets with longer lapels completely transform by adding structure and shape
  • High-waisted or belted pants length and accentuate the legs
  • Apples can carry off statement jewelry with pizzazz and leg-lengthening nude shoes with aplomb

- Broaden and structure the shoulder line can be acheived by adding a small shoulder pad to subtly square out the upper body.

- Define the bust line. Hunt for a supportive bra to achieve this and distinguish the bust line from the tummy.

- Work with darker colours and tones to minimize the tummy

- Maximize the leg line with full length, straight and/or slim pant cuts. Work with prints if you would like and seek out higher rise or pull on pants to fit across a wider mid section. By doing so, you bring in the rounded tummy and make the leg line stand out and even out the body's proportions. 

Dolman sleeves, v-neck tops that expose the collar bone and any other blouse with a peplum-type waist are wonderful choices.


An empire cut brings the waist in, as does a wrap dress, which drapes beautifully and adds interest with the v-neck. For something a little more dramatic, the apple can try a high-lo hem or bias cut dress that drapes but doesn’t cling.



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I look forward to each style program. It is like being with friends who love trying on clothes and finding the just right outfit for “ any occasion.” I find complete joy and satisfaction in finding the clothing item that speaks to me on many levels. Fabric, style and a certain secret smile add up to: “this is me and I am very happy this very moment.”This moment is recreated every time I wear this special find!


I learned a lot of why I wear certain things in my wardrobe because they contain the features listed. I have to weed through my closet to get rid of my shorter jackets as my weight distribution has changed. Maybe you could recommend how one purges their clothes of unwanted and unsuitable pieces. Excellent advice!!!

Leslie Pomer

I just love your clothes , I’m an apple shape, and find it very hard to get flattering clothes in Norfolk England where I live . Feel very envious of the ladies of Ottawa!

Jenny Forth

I live in Victoria, B.C., but am lucky enough to visit your store when we visit our son and family in Nepean. Now with COVID of course we have not been to Ottawa since Christmas of 2019. I watch your videos on Facebook and would love to see more plus size clothing modelled on an apple shape like me. Hope to be back in your store once COVID is over. Til then, have to get my fix online. Petra

Petra McAvoy

Hi I am an apple shape. In lisette slim pants I would wear a 12 BUT the upper belly and waist are too tight and legs are good. If I go to a 14 the tush and legs are too big. Suggestions for pants that work for me ? Also I love the striped top you showed today and do not know what size to order. I am either a large or extra large. Relaxed shoulder is usually a large should I order that? Thanks for your help.
Can I ever wear wider leg pants? What do I wear on top with my apple shape?

carol joseph

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