Spring 2024: Fashion Trends

At Shepherd’s Fashions we pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest fashions. As we look to the coming months and the Spring 2024 season, we have some fashions predictions to share. Keep reading to find out which trends you should be keeping an eye out for…

Still Trending

If you're a fan of the classic monochromatic dressing, you're in luck as this trend is still going strong. Dominating the fashion world, this trend is all about creating a sleek, modern look with pieces all in one color. Don’t forget to add texture to complete this look.

Linen looks are also still in vogue. They are as perfect for the warm Spring weather as they are right now for destination dressing! The lightweight and breathable fabric makes it a go-to for southerners and warm weather lovers alike.

Crochet is another trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. This handmade aesthetic adds a touch of individuality and flair to your look.


When it comes to colour, blue is going to be a big hit this Spring. From dark to light shades, this calming and versatile hue is perfect for your base neutral or accessories.

Orange is another colour to look out for. This vibrant and energetic colour is sure to inject some fun into your Spring wardrobe. Think pops of colour in the form of a purse, jewelry or patterns!

Gold jewelry is also still trending. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. So, don't hesitate to invest in some gold pieces!

Back in fashion

Floral and block print dresses are making a comeback. These timeless patterns are perfect for the Spring season and will appeal to the feminine and dramatic style personalities.

Our favourite footwear, espadrilles, will also be back in fashion. These comfortable and stylish shoes are perfect for the warmer weather, and Shepherd’s has some of the comfiest options around!

New trends:

Poplin is the new kid on the block. This lightweight and durable fabric is perfect for the Spring season. It's comfortable to wear and yet stylish with it’s shiny finish.

At Shepherd’s Fashions, no matter what your style personality, we’ve got you taken care of with all these emerging these looks and so much more.


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  • Sharon Moore

    I live in Calgary Alberta, & discovered Shepherds on line fashion shows during the Covid lockdown. I placed an order for a Pure 2 piece pants & cowl neck outfit & was very pleased. As time went on I have ordered many many things, & I’m always happy with my items. I am a “Gilmour Girl”, & I now have several friends & my sister shopping there! I have had strangers comment how much they like what I’m wearing & I always direct them to Shepherds! A trip in September 2021 found us in Ottawa & my friend & I scheduled a stop at the store in the train yards! I always watch the videos & enjoy the ideas I get. Thanks Shepherds gals!

  • Betty Lou Livingston

    I Love Shepards Fashions ! Never an online shopper until this past summer when I discovered Shepards videos. Since then I have placed about 6 or so orders and am very satisfied with every piece. I watch all your videos and have learned so much from them ! I live in Cornwall, PEI, am a senior and my name is Betty Lou Livingston.

  • Judy taylor

    Shepherds is an inspiring store in so many ways. The way you encourage women to accept their bodies whatever the shape and size is so needed in our lives. The emphasis for young women to seek plastic surgery or diet so they might look like the fashion models is so sad. I love Shepherds and the wonderful positive enthusiasm of all the staff! Happy New Year and blessings!

  • Helen Hayward

    Love hearing about the latest trends from Shepherd’s of Ottawa. Their tips are always relevant and help us keep our shopping organized. Their merchandise never fails to impress.

  • Petra Schach

    Merry Christmas to all you wonderful ladies, I watch u ever day and pass on many idea I get from watching you to my Tops ladies. (Take of pounds sensible). And a healthy new year. 🌲🌲🌲

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