Shepherd's Fashions Style Personality Series - Episode 1 - The Classic


It’s a daily ritual for all of us… we all get up in the morning and put on clothing.  For some it’s a chore, for others a highlight that allows for self-expression.   Why are we drawn to certain textures, colours, fabrics and fashions?  It all comes down to Style Personality.

We’re kicking off 2021 with a review of a Style Personality Video episodes we first aired on our Coffee Talk Series.  In Episode  One, we’re  spotlighting “THE CLASSIC”. Find out more about her fashion choices, how she shops, and how she puts her looks together… 

Want to find out which Style Personality You Are?  Take our Style Personality Test Here:

And find out if you’re a Dramatic, Classic, Arty, Romantic or Sexy Alluring or Sporty Casual. 

More about "The Classic" you.

As a Classic you prefer to have everything under control in work, home and social life. You are organized, you like to analyze, don’t like to waste time you can be a perfectionist. You look is timeless and polished;

  • You value quality fabrics;
  • You like perfect tailoring;
  • You opt for sleek and defined fit;
  • You don’t get swept up in fashions trends;
  • You prefer solid colors to prints;
  • You like designer labels.

Here’s how the “Classic” Style Personality shops:

  • You are an organized shopper and like to buy the total look;
  • You shop early each season and shop alone;
  • Will peruse Style magazines for Style inspiration;
  • Rarely shops the sale racks;

Our Advice:

Caution! Do not get into a style rut! As a classic you may hold on to those designer pieces too long! They will make you look dated. Invest in a closet edit to ensure you classics are up to date.