Fran Green


      Creating jewelry is my passion and it brings me so much joy. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I have been gifted with a great imagination and a long time love affair with clothes and jewelry.  My original and unique designs appeal to women of all ages who have their own style and an appreciation for unique looks. 

      Working primarily with quality silver-plated materials, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, I am inspired to create designs with a story or special meaning. Sometimes, it's the shape or the colour or a connection that is the starting point. Or I get a feeling or an idea that moves me to design.

      It's about creating beauty and joy - how a woman feels wearing my designs; making connections with the wonderful women I meet through my jewelry business; and giving back to society. I am very grateful for my good fortune and support charities that help women in challenging circumstances and children with special needs. (COPYRIGHT FRAN GREEN 2022)

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      2 products