"Sporty" Style Personality


    As a Sporty you are natural, active and unassuming. You prefer to push your sleeves up and get to work and your fashion reflects this;

    • Comfort is the most important factor in your clothing choices;
    • You are willing to go up a size rather than feel restricted;
    • You want your clothes to move with you;
    • You prefer cotton, denim and knits;
    • You like plaids, small checks and stripes;
    • You love to iron;
    • You are most comfortable in runners or flats;
    • Finding special occasions wear is a struggle as are wearing high heels.

    Here’s how the “Sporty” Style Personality shops:

    • You hate to shop!
    • You tend to buy a new outfit every season;
    • You often shop with a friend when shopping for special occasion wear or dressy items;
    Our Advice:
    We know you do not like to shop, and hate asking for assistance and that is why you often bring a friend. CAUTION: Your friend may not have the same style personality and may lead you to her style preferences and not yours.
    An experienced stylist will understand how you want to dress and can help you find your “sporty” look and comfort zone.  Hint:  Take those socks off when you are trying on evening wear!!!

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