Beat the Heat with Linen: Your Summer Style Saviour!

As much as we love it, the summer season can bring discomfort! Fear not, fabulous ladies, for we bring you tidings of coolness, chicness, and comfort. Come with us as we explore why linen clothing is your ultimate summer BFF, and uncover some tips on caring for these breezy beauties.


Linen is a fabric you can count on as a summer bestie!

 A hot weather fabric you can rely on... Rachelle and Sandra in sophisticated separates from our Fenini linen collection.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Breathability Bliss: Picture linen as a gentle summer breeze whispering sweet nothings to your skin. It's super breathable, allowing air to dance through its fibres, keeping you feeling fresh and fabulous even in the fiercest heat. Say goodbye to sticky situations!

  2. Temperature Tamer: Linen's got a magic trick up its fashionable sleeve – it helps regulate your body temperature. No more feeling like a melting ice cream cone! It deflects the heat, leaving you cool, calm, and collected, while you sizzle in style.

  3. Lightweight Lovelies: Imagine slipping into clothing that feels weightless, like floating on a cloud. Linen's feather-light nature is a dream come true, giving you the freedom to frolic and flaunt your summer spirit with a skip in your step.

  4. Durability Divas: Ladies, linen doesn't play around when it comes to endurance. It's tough stuff! Your linen garments will be your loyal companions through countless adventures, getting softer and snugglier with each wash. They'll stick with you for seasons of style!

 Summer dressing in bright, bold colour with the elegance of linen

Invitation ready in poppy and royal blue...bright hues in lux linen dresses that feature a knit cotton top insert,  from our Fenini linen collection.

Caring for Linen Clothing:

  1. Wash and Wiggle: When it's time for a bath, show your linen love with a gentle machine wash or hand wash in cool water. A sprinkle of mild detergent will do the trick. Dance with delight as your linens get squeaky clean.

  2. Dry with Flair: Wave goodbye to the dryer! Lay your linen wonders flat to dry, basking in the summer sun, or let them dangle on the line for a breath of fresh air. Avoid those pesky sun rays to keep the colors poppin'.

  3. Ironing Fun: Embrace the crinkles and wrinkles of your linen garments, or if you desire a sleeker look, get your iron on. Press those mischievous creases away on the linen setting while your outfit is slightly damp for smooth-as-butter results. As some say that an iron can break down fabric fibres, a steamer is a gentler option.

  4. Sassy Storage: Before stashing your linen lovelies, make sure they're completely dry, please! Find them a cool, breezy nook to hang out in, and if you're feeling extra fancy, pamper them with garment bags or tissue paper. Dust and moths, be gone!


This year's linen colours include trending violet and neutral moss green

How to pair your linen with footwear flair...we're loooving the look of our Toni Pons mid heel espadrille, It's got just the right amount of toe cleavage, and a jute wedge that plays against the natural feel of linen.  Discover our Bernia Mid Heel Espadrille here 

It's time to kick hot weather woes to the curb and embrace linen fashion. Let its breathability, temperature-taming prowess, lightweight comfort, and durability be your secret weapons for summer style success.  With proper care, your linen darlings will stay by your side, keeping you cool and fabulous throughout all your warm-weather escapades. So, step into the realm of linen loveliness, and let your summer spirit shine with unmatched sass and flair!



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