Spring Trend: Colour Clashing

As the season shifts from the cold winter hues to the vibrant colours of spring, fashion also takes a bold turn. This year's hottest trend is all about colour clashing. Yes, you heard it right! Get ready to embrace colour clashing by mixing and matching colours you wouldn’t normally put together. The result is a modern look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Imagine a pink pant paired with a bright orange bag, or a vibrant green blazer over a yellow blouse. Add in some unique and colourful beads from Zsiska and you are on your way to standing out this spring season, but in a good way. Zsiska’s collection features a wide array of colourful and trendy beads that will perfectly complement (or rather, clash with!) your outfit.


Ways to Colour Clash Like a Pro

Embracing this trend doesn't have to be daunting. Here are some simple ways to master the art of colour clashing:


Mix Neons with Neutrals:

Neon colours can be quite overwhelming. But, when paired with neutrals, they create a perfect balance that is appealing to the eye.


Choose Equally Deep Tones:

When clashing colours, it's important to remember that pastels don't mix well with jewel tones. To create a harmonious look, choose colours with the same level of intensity.


Less Can Be More:

If you're a bit colour-shy, you can still achieve the same on-trend result by adding in clashing accessories like purses and jewelry. This way, you can participate in the trend without going overboard.


Temper the Heat:

Pair a warm colour with a cool shade from the opposite side of the spectrum. This creates a pleasing contrast that is very much in line with the colour clashing trend.


Don't be afraid to experiment with colour this Spring. By following our tips, you can confidently create stylish and modern looks that truly stand out. Whether you choose to go bold with neon and neutrals or keep things subtle with bright accessories, there is no wrong way to participate in this trend. So, why not give it a try? You might just discover a new favourite colour combination!


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5 commentaires

  • Victoria Dunn

    Surprised to see a designer with my name. Exactly. Strange. Debra has helped me in most of my decisions. Great advice.

  • Judy Taylor

    Since Covid I have been a huge fan of Shepherds. An amazing group of women who share their stories,body challenges and warmth for their colleagues and viewers. I feel I know the staff even though I have never been in the store. My sister in law and I have Shepherds on our Bucket List!!! A trip from Vancouver! Even so my wallet takes a beating each month. Would love to have time to talk one on one to a staff member . Usually everything works for me and I rarely have to send back. I have learned for some reason Gilmour has not worked for me,one size does not work and the Poco Loco cardigan that looks fabulous on everyone looked dreadful on me. I need a fashion counsellor. Could that be a service?!!! JudyTaylor

  • Betty Ann Knutson

    I love your show! It’s not just fashion; it’s a statement that all women are beautiful! Whatever our shapes or sizes or personality, we are beautiful! By demonstrating such positivism every day you have made me into a more confident woman.
    I have not purchased much as of late as I was in hospital for a left knee replacement surgery and progress has been slow and very painful. But everyday when able in hospital I watched to see my Elaine, and Rachelle and all of your wonderful staff. Now that I am home you are the first thing I watch. My biggest problem is I always wonder what treasure you are going to show tomorrow so I delay in purchasing today! Also am attending WeightWatchers since August last year so I can wear more of your clothes. Keep up all this positive work for people like me who in the past had a poor self image but are now beginning to shine!

  • Diane MACNAIR

    I have been watching Shepherds Fashions for years! Enjoyed receiving packages during Covid! Love that use models in different sizes, ages and heights!


    great idea to introduce goods made by Australian designers, I love the dresses. I know we are Canadians but it is very important to be international at the same time. cheers and stay warm, Mariana Grinblat

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