How to keep your White Shirts Looking Crisp And Colour True

Here are some tips to keep your white shirts looking bright and crisp, and to prevent your black shirts from fading. 

1. Solo wash: Treat your shirt like the superstar it is and give it a solo performance in the washing machine. Keep it away from colourful garments to prevent any dye drama.


Pro Tip - Use a liquid detergent instead of a powder to prevent undissolved particles from clinging to dark clothes, making them look dull. 


2. Inside-out style: Your shirt has a secret fashion trick: turning it inside out before washing. This protects its dark allure and keeps it looking fresh and fierce.


3. Gentle cycle groove: Let your shirt groove to the rhythm of a gentle cycle. Show it some love with a setting that treats it like the delicate diva it is.


4. Mild detergent love: Serenade your shirt with a gentle, colour-preserving detergent that will make it shine even brighter. It's like a love song for your clothes!


5. Cold-water dance: Give your shirt a chilly and refreshing dance party in the washing machine. Cold water helps it keep its cool and vibrant appearance.

6. DIY Options -  For Your Whites...Try soaking your white shirt in a pail of hot water with two cups of baking soda for a couple of hours.  Then machine wash with an enzyme rich detergent to break down fats and oils that accumulate so quickly.

 Consider spot treating your black shirt, instead of washing it after every wear.

7. Bleach-free zone:  Try adding a cup of white vinegar to your whites to pull the grey or yellow hues and renew its original colour.  Bleach may be a temporary fix for your brights …but, consider that over time, bleach destroys fabric fibres.   Black shirts are allergic to bleach! 


8. Air-dry or low-heat vibes: After the washing machine extravaganza, let your shirt air-dry or give it a low-heat treatment in the dryer. This helps prevent any shrinkage or unwanted crinkles.


9. Smooth operator: Prepare for a red carpet moment!  Iron your shirt inside out with a low to medium heat setting. Glide that iron over the fabric, and watch it transform into a smooth and flawless masterpiece.


10. A good hangout: Find a cool, dark hangout in your closet for your black shirt. It loves a cozy space away from direct sunlight, so it can preserve its bold and unapologetic charm.




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  • Betty Raynor Davis

    Love the tips for whites. Another fyi tip, I do not use a clothes dryer. Most clothes can be hung dry on hangers. Cottons and linens are best sried on hangers. You don’t even have to iron them. Drying them on hangers will loosen most wrinkles. If not then once dry spray with a misting spray bottle of water and knock down the garment with your fingers or hand to help dampen and rub out the wrinkles. You will find that the garments will dry crisp and fresh. Turn up shirt collars and dry with them up for collars with better shape and staying power.

  • Sue Coleman Cobbs

    Thanks for these tips! Much needed advice!
    Watch your videos every day!! Can’t miss one!

  • Myra South

    Those are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing oh wise ones!

  • Joan

    Great tips. Thank you so much!

  • Anne

    Great advice, thanks ladies. Xx

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