Shepherd's Dress Your Body Shape - The Apple

Fashion changes, but dressing for your body shape is always in style. And in this era of body positivity, who cares if you’re a pear or an apple? Love the shape you’re in – the curves that come with it!


The Apple is the single shape that one is not born with, but rather is the shape some morph into post-menopause and with hormones. 


The Apple silhouette is defined by:

  • A slanted shoulder line and a fullness at the back of the neck - termed as the Dowager's hump 
  • A rounded tummy which starts right below the bust and rounds out right above the hip
  • A large bust - generally speaking
  • A defined leg line 

The Recipe for Balance - Dressing the Apple

The Sweet Spot

  • This shape does very well with tops that accentuate shoulders, the neckline and bust.
  • Looking for the apple of your eye? Longer jackets or jackets with longer lapels completely transform by adding structure and shape
  • High-waisted or belted pants length and accentuate the legs
  • Apples can carry off statement jewelry with pizzazz and leg-lengthening nude shoes with aplomb

- Broaden and structure the shoulder line can be acheived by adding a small shoulder pad to subtly square out the upper body.

- Define the bust line. Hunt for a supportive bra to achieve this and distinguish the bust line from the tummy.

- Work with darker colours and tones to minimize the tummy

- Maximize the leg line with full length, straight and/or slim pant cuts. Work with prints if you would like and seek out higher rise or pull on pants to fit across a wider mid section. By doing so, you bring in the rounded tummy and make the leg line stand out and even out the body's proportions. 

Dolman sleeves, v-neck tops that expose the collar bone and any other blouse with a peplum-type waist are wonderful choices.


An empire cut brings the waist in, as does a wrap dress, which drapes beautifully and adds interest with the v-neck. For something a little more dramatic, the apple can try a high-lo hem or bias cut dress that drapes but doesn’t cling.